What is Excommunication?

This web site is an attempt to uncover the mystery behind the act of excommunications or more popularly known as boycott, carried out by a so called democratic and community organization (Bahai Administration) in civilized societies of the world and through every times. These ex-communications were made to such extent that it can easily be called as ‘holocaust’ or ‘holocaust of ex-communications’

As I am penning down this article, my memory carries me down the lane of history wherein I can witness the turmoil and sufferings of those characters that have been boycotted by their OWN Society. The values and beliefs which they upheld for substantial part of their life were negated in few moments of time. They were boycotted by the same community members whom they befriended and admired through major part of life. They ate and drank together, were part of each others’ sufferings and difficulties, were moving together and now they are alien to each other, do you know why? Relationship soured, ill feelings and rancor developed, they are on no talking terms, do you know why?

Because the views of the some of them do not match with the organizations dogmas, or actually contradicts the established, though false, claims of the Community and its leaders. I use the words false because the essence of truth is that it will be in conformity with human nature and beliefs, truth never lead to discords, truth will rule on the heart of the people. Tt is falsehoods which creates non-conformities and anomalies which further lead to discords, disputes and damages the ethos and peace of civilizations.

BAHAI faith is no different. In its short history of 160 years, have been foremost and leading in this barbarous act of excommunicating its own followers. Very sorrowful, as it was supposed to be a new religion which had come to replace all preceding faiths, claiming to be most modern, most conformity with Science, laying down principle of most equality, universality, most humane, most social, et al.

From Ahmed Sohrab to Modern Day’s Mr. Juan Cole, Baha’i History has witnessed multitudes of mankind being humbled and distressed by the very same organization which they upheld so profoundly, served them with their best of capacity and then ostracized for no significant reason.

Does it happen due to Fear of being Overthrown by Larger than Life Characters, or Human Assertion of Dominance or is it to silence the voice of reforms and truth. Or is it to cover the Truth and reality in the dark dungeons of Dogmas, falsehood, injustice, et al. Whatever the reason, true faith provides solution of LIVE AND LET OTHERS LIVE. On the other hand, false communities and organizations exercise their authority to suppress the truth speaking persons.

This treatise is an independent investigation and attempt to study the cause of Excommunications in Baha’i Faith and Human predicament of those who are affected by it. It aims to raise the motivation level of the people who have witnessed or affected by such gruesome and most cruel act in human history.

  • What is Excommunication
  • Why does Excommunication takes place?
  • Excommunication in Bahai Faith
  • Why excommunication in Bahai Faith to such an extent?
  • How people are excommunicated in Bahai Faith
  • How to deal with excommunication


    1. Mirza Muhammad Ali
    2. Ibrahim George Khayrullah
    3. Mirza Abd-al-Husayn Ayati
    4. Mirza Aqa Jan of Kashan (Baha's Close Companion)
    5. Yar Muhammad (Nabil)
    6. Mirza Muhammad Jawad of Qazwin
    7. Rosamand Dale Owen
    8. Mirza Asadullah, his son Dr Farid and his daughter Mrs Sprague

    Excommunication of the major part of Abdul Baha's family; those who have lately been swept out of the Cause at the order of the Guardian are:

    (a) Direct Excommunications.
    1. Ruhi Effendi Afnan: Grandson of Abdul Baha.
    2. Zahra Khanum: Grand-daughter of Abdul Baha and wife of Ruhi Effendi Afnan.
    3. Soraya Khanum: Grand-daughter of Abdul Baha and wife of Feyzi Effendi Afnan.
    4. Foad Effendi Afnan: Grandson of Abdul Baha.
    5. Mehr-Angiz: Grand-daughter of Abdul Baha and sister of Shoghi Effendi.
    6. Feyzi Effendi Afnan; Grandson of Bahaullah.

    (b) Indirect Excommunications.
    7. Touba Khanum; Second daughter of Abdul Baha.
    8. Rouha Khanum; Third daughter of Abdul Baha.
    9. Mirza Jalal Shahid: Son of the King of the Martyrs and husband of Rouha Khanum.

    (c) Posthumous Excommunications.
    10. Furighyyeh Khanum! Daughter of Bahaullah.
    11. Aga Sayyed Ali Afnan: Husband of Furighyyeb Khanum.
    12. Lady Munira(Wife of Abdul Baha)
    13. Mirza Ahmad Sohrab
    14. Mirza Subhi Fazlullah
    15. Ruth White and Zimmer Hermann

    1. Charles Mason Remy
    2. John Carré,
    3. Bernard Fillon,
    4. Monir Derakhchan,
    5. Joel Marangella,
    6. Jacques Soghomonian,
    7. Donald Harvey,
    8. John Byers in France
    9. Marie Wilkin in the United States
    10. All those (who) associate with (these) persons or who support (the) claim (of) Remey, are considered Covenant- Breakers as well.

    1. Frederick Glaysher
    2. Professor Juan Cole
    3. Nosrat’u’llah Bahremand
    4. Enayatullah (Zabih) Yazdani
    5. Sen McGlinn
    6. Michael McKenny
    7. Alison Marshall
    8. Mr. Mohammad (Yusuf) Muquit
    9. Mr. Jamshed Fozdar
    10. Firoz Anarki

  • Narratives of those who left the Faith due to apathy of Bahai Administration